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Here's What You Need to Know

E and J is a Web and Logo design studio located in the quiet and peaceful land of North Idaho. We try our hardest to create simple and very functional websites that make you and your customers Happy! If you are in need of creative designers to create a professional logo then look no further than here. Whether you're looking to have a website or a logo designed, maybe both we have you covered one [ block of code ] at a time.


Here's What Were Good At.

Web Page Mockups

Creating webpage mockups to better understand how your website will look and function. Therefore, creating a better user experience for your customers.

Web Design

Creating responsive layouts that work with all screen sizes, making your website viewable to more people. This helps to create a better user experience.

Graphic Design

Creating one of a kind graphics and logo's for your every need. Whether it be for your business, website, banner, whatever, we've got you covered.


Here's What We've Worked on Lately

Design Agency Mockup

Example Webpage Mockup Design

App Design Mockup

Example Webpage Mockup Design

Coffee Shop Mockup

Example Webpage Mockup Design

Design Agency Mockup

Example Webpage Mockup Design

Bike Shop Mockup

Example Webpage Mockup Design

Design Agency Mockup

Example Webpage Mockup Design

Helping you reach your highest potential, creating simple yet elegant designs.

The Designers

See Who's Behind the Hard Work.

Josh Bell

Lead Designer

Hi, I'm Josh I design and code progressive modern websites. Using the latest coding techniques, I can help you create a one of a kind work of Web Art. If I'm not busy coding away then you'll probably find me outdoors somewhere, either mountain biking, hiking, or snowboarding depending on what time of year it is.

Edward Bell

Lead Developer

Hi I'm Edward. I have always enjoyed designing and creating things as well as helping others. I’ve been a graphic designer for 30 years and a web designer for 20 years as well as worked for a large corporation doing Project and Helpdesk management.

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